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Since 1996, the Law Office of Pascual Madrigal PLLC has provided vigorous and robust representation for immigrants, victims of personal injury, and criminal defendants. Immigration law is the main focus of our firm. No matter what your individual situation might be, rest assured that we will work hard to provide the best representation possible. We will fight to win for you – because we understand that winning is not about luck. It is about hard work, never giving up, and always striving to protect your rights.

About Pascual Madrigal

Pascual Madrigal started this firm in 1996, but his experience in the law extends back to 1987. He worked as an enforcement attorney for the Texas Department of Insurance for three years as well as spending another three years working with other law firms. Mr. Madrigal has experience in the areas of personal injury, criminal, and family law as well as immigration law.

Today, Mr. Madrigal is one of the hardest-working immigration lawyers in Texas. He travels extensively to assist his clients, including going to San Antonio, Houston, San Marcos, Austin, Dallas, Brownsville, The Valley (Uvalde), Beaumont, Galveston, Laredo, Eagle Pass, Midland, and Odessa, and many other areas. If you find yourself or a loved one in immigration trouble in Texas, Mr. Madrigal is here to assist you.

Mr. Madrigal has gained so much respect because of his personal philosophy. He believes in treating all clients, potential clients, and others the way he would like to be treated: with dignity and respect. He will always fight to make sure his clients receive the dignity and respect they deserve.
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