Our firm assists individuals and families with all facets of immigration law,
    including family visas, deportation defense, citizenship, and more.
    We also help businesses small and large with foreign workers.


    Our firm has an enormous coverage area.
    Mr. Madrigal regularly travels to Midland-Odessa, Laredo,
    and the Rio Grande Valley every month to ensure he is in
    constant communication with his clients.

  • SINCE 1996

    Our firm has been providing strong, creative, and dependable legal assistance to people throughout the United States for over 20 years.


    Our firm is here for you during every step of the immigration process. We can help you prepare an individual visa petition or application, file motions, and much more.


Experienced Immigration Attorney in San Antonio

If you are in need of strong, dependable, and creative legal assistance in San Antonio, you have come to the right place. Since 1996, the Law Office of Pascual Madrigal PLLC has been assisting individuals throughout the United States. We provide personalized, cost-effective representation for matters relating to personal injury, criminal defense, and immigration. We have the experience, knowledge, and dedication to work toward a successful outcome for your case – and we conduct an individualized review of each case we take on in order to make sure the solution we propose is the right one for the client.

Immigration law is the focus of our firm. We are with you during every stage of the process, from the initial filing or visa petition to staying by your side through necessary motions and appeals. Our office has a wide coverage area that extends across Texas, and Attorney Pascual Madrigal travels every month to be in constant communication with clients. We have clients all across Texas and have worked with people in all walks of life, from businesses sponsoring foreign workers to families attempting to reunite to individuals in danger of deportation.

The Law Office of Pascual Madrigal PLLC is the only name you need to know in immigration law. If you are ready to make your dreams or your family’s dreams of living permanently in the United States a reality, call us today!



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We Will Fight for Your Rights

Our attorneys are fully qualified to bring your case to a successful conclusion. We are here to help you save time, money, and stress. Mr. Madrigal and Mr. Elizondo will handle your immigration matter with skill and determination. All of us at the Law Office of Pascual Madrigal PLLC understand that your needs are sensitive and particular. Rest assured that we will do everything we can to meet your immigration needs accurately, dealing with all problems as they arise so that you can continue your life in peace.

One important thing to consider, though, is that there are disadvantages to going to court. This is why we encourage most clients to strongly consider mediation prior to filing suit. Settling things out of court is often better than going to court, so we are here to offer mediation services.

But since Mr. Madrigal is an experienced trial attorney, we are fully prepared to go to court if that is where your case needs to go. There is no reason to hesitate or doubt about hiring the Law Office of Pascual Madrigal PLLC. We are on your side to give your case the vigorous representation it needs and you deserve.
Our Testimonials
Best Immigration Lawyer in San Antonio!!!!!!!!!

"First, of all I would like to thank Mr. Pascual Madrigal and all his staff for all their professional and ethical work. In 2009, I have a BAD experience, I was put in Deportation in Laredo for a Convection that I had in 2006 but they release with a NTA. I knew that I had to hire an attorney so he/she can fight my deportation in the immigration court in San Antonio. So I went with three immigration lawyers here in Laredo but none of them had experience in deportation cases and all of them told me that they have a friend in San Antonio that does this cases, his name was Pascual Madrigal. So what I did I went with him directly. ICE never file my case in court, so that's when Mr. Madrigal recommend me to apply for the U.S. Citizenship (I am LPR since 1990). So I apply for my Citizenship and everything came okay and now I am going to apply for my wife so she can become a LPR. Thank you Mr. Madrigal I don't have other words but just to thank you."

My name is Jose Luis Salazar. I am a sworn walking testament that Mr. Pascual Madrigal and his office will not give up
when things gets tough. 

After legally living in the United States since the age of three, I was ordered deported for a non-aggravated charge when the immigration laws changed in 2001. Along with many others I've been deported multiple times since. I truly lost my way. I hated what my life had become but lived for the moments that put a smile on my face because I knew it was inevitable that I would be locked up and deported. I did catch other little charges here and there in the process but that's because I just didn't care about life anymore. I'm Sorry but no one's perfect. There were plenty of times that I wished I would just die. Feeling the agony of being stripped from my loving family was something I never thought would happen to me. Just thinking about the pain that I caused my family is enough to bring me tears right now as I write this. Not having a light at the end of the tunnel makes it that much easier to get
lost in the darkness. 

I thought this was going to be my life forever. Just trying to make it until I was arrested again, face federal time for the charge of illegal re-entry, get deported then attempt to cross the border successfully. If I made it then try my best to not give any cop the reason to ask my name because that would've been the end of my freedom. In a sense I was never free just moving freely. This was the vicious cycle that made my life a living nightmare. 

This is how Mr. Pascual Madrigal saved my life along with the blessings of God.
May 2nd of 2012 was the last time I was incarcerated. Shortly after my family hired Mr. Pascual Madrigal and his elite office. After wasting 14 months of my life in federal custody for the second time I was moved over to immigration custody in Pearsal Texas. This is when the real fight started. Exactly one week later I was transferred to Newark New Jersey. The office went into overtime to get me back to Texas but I.C.E didn't want to move me back. After 11 months in Newark New Jersey my final court date for my immigration case came around. Mr. Pascual Madrigal flew to New Jersey but Unfortunately my case was reset because I wasn't transferred to court that day. On the next teleconference court Mr. Pascual Madrigal fought with the judge to return me to Pearsall Texas and achieved just that. Finally after 14 months and endless courts I was granted cancellation of removal on February 10th 2016. In the blink of an eye my life changed for the best.

In total it was a very grueling 45 month process of heartaches and stress. There were plenty of times I felt like losing hope but I kept my faith strong. Please don't let the amount of time I was detained discourage you. I had a very complicated case.

So if you're looking for a office that will fight for you till the end even if you are shipped to the other side of the country. You found the right one.

- Jose Luis Salazar
Congratulations to Margaret, the longest-employed member of our firm!
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